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Here we share our favorite projects or organizations working globally to educate about the environment, protect and preserve our planet.

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Sir David Attenborough narrates this eight-part series that explores the unique wonders of the natural world. Produced in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, "Out Planet" uses a combination of stunning photography and technology to present Earth's remaining wilderness areas and their animal inhabitants. The project took four years to complete, with more than 600 crew members filming in 50 countries across the world to showcase the diversity that exists among habitats, from the remote Arctic wilderness to the jungles of South America.

Our Planet

Panthera is the only organization in the world that is devoted exclusively to the conservation of the world’s 40 wild cat species and their ecosystems.
Utilizing the expertise of the world’s premier cat biologists, Panthera develops and implements global strategies for the most imperiled large cats: tigers, lions, jaguars, snow leopards, cheetahs, pumas, and leopards.
Representing the most comprehensive effort of its kind, Panthera partners with local and international NGOs, scientific institutions, local communities, governments around the globe, and citizens who want to help ensure a future for wild cats.


EEC is an organization that provides direct environmental education, focusing on the conservation of environment along with comprehensive yet entertaining information through camping. Children and EEC members will get to learn about the environment and witness more than 20 years of experience in ways that are unique to EEC. We give importance to the children’s learning process in order to instill good conscience in the youth and the general public in Thailand and overseas.


In 1961, African Wildlife Leadership Foundation, Inc., later African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), was established to focus on Africa’s unique conservation needs. This chronology highlights important steps in AWF’s growth and success for the past 50 years.

African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

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