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Partnership and Initiative 1 -  Starting March 2017
I - Rise, I - Mentor,  I - Teach, I - Learn, I - Lead
Girls' Education in the 21st Century

I thought about the title and subject of our first partnership and Initiative  when I was reading one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite poets, the late Professor Maya Angelou.  I heard Maya Angelou a few years ago, in person while she was reciting one of her poems and I have always loved reading her writings and poetry.   "Still I Rise" and her other poems were inspiration for our first global partnership and initiative focusing on empowering and inspiring girls and young women and creating a global partnership of organizations and people who believe that educating and mentoring girls is important. This is more than ever true today in 2017.  Please join us today.  Creating a different future requires taking different steps today. Empowering girls and women is critical and fundamentally important in creating a better future for our planet.

                                                                                                                  Dr. Shadi Farhangrazi, Founder of Global Education Symposium

We rise, inspire,  promote,  and work together with national and international organizations, and companies to create better educational outcomes, and opportunities for girls and young women. 

We  mentor and guide.  We will also through partnership introduce and organize mentorship opportunities at home and across the world.  Now more than ever mentorship and mentors are important.

We teach and educate.  It is not only important to train great teachers but also to provide for them the best opportunities, and learning and teaching resources.  Teachers are key to changing and improving education in the 21st century.

Learning the great skills and knowledge for the 21st century is key for girls to be able take on key positions,  have great careers and - for creating gender, job, pay and technical equality. 

We lead -  Creating a different future requires taking different steps today.  Through partnerships with international organizations, companies and academic institutions we will create leadership workshops and opportunities. 

Stay tuned for more information on our new projects

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