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Did you know that Lord Harris' autobiography was published in October 2017?


Magic Carpet Ride 







From humble beginnings in wartime Peckham, where his first memories are of being carried down into the air-raid shelter by his mother, Phil Harris would go on to transform his father's market stall into Britain's biggest carpet retail chain, himself becoming one of the richest people in the country, a member of the House of Lords and a passionate supporter of charitable causes.An extraordinary retailer, largely instinctive with an exceptional feel for what the customer wanted, Harris and his astonishing business career, with its ups and downs, are the central themes to the book. Today he is as well-known for his charitable work. Severely dyslexic himself, with Tony Blair's personal support Lord Harris created the first academy school in London.There are now thirty-five Harris Academy schools, and it was David Cameron's relationship with Lord Harris that persuaded the former PM to espouse the academy school so enthusiastically. These, then, are the fascinating memoirs of one of the country's greatest entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

Don't forget to bring your copy with you for Lord Harris to sign.  You can obtain the book from your favorite bookstore. 

published in 12 Oct 2017

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Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, .... Kate Narita will talk about her book,  her love of nature, teaching and more.....

"100 Bugs,  The Counting Book"

Little explorers will learn 10 different ways to count to 10, using 10 different kinds of bugs, and get all the way to 100 by the end of their adventure. With Suzanne Kaufman's bright, whimsical illustrations and Kate Narita's clever rhyming text, 100 Bugs! is part look-and-find, part learning experience, and all kinds of fun.

Don't forget to bring your copy for Kate to sign.

Purchase from your favorite bookstore.

Published in July 2018

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