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What is POP?


Our planet’s physical well-being is endangered by unchecked climate change, air and water pollution, and general trashing of many environments. This needs to change! Change comes about when people get involved. Even actions by a single person can have far reaching effects.


We want people, individually or in groups, to POP with ideas and take actions to protect parts of our planet important to them. If we all get involved with our myriad of interests, we can preserve our planet. We want to provide a platform that stimulates action, place where people can interact, exchanging ideas, getting encouragement, and being celebrated for accomplished goals.













Examples of actions we envision:

  • A class observes a nearby park is strewn with litter. They decide to POP to pick up litter.

  • After wildfires decimate a landscape, barren earth is susceptible to mudslides after rains. A group of volunteers decides to POP to work with the Forest Service to plant trees and other vegetation.

  • An Earth Science class researches renewable energy alternatives. They POP into action urging their local and state governments to adopt measures to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

  • Workshops are created in order to encourage and train youth to plant trees and other vegetation.

  • Teachers work with organizations to implement lessons on the importance of conservation and preservation.

  • Students post and share their projects on Global Education Symposium website and an allocated Facebook page for POP.


We have designed this initiative to provide ways:

  • To stimulate youth and young adults to take actions which they identify that would benefit our fragile planet;

  • To involve schools--both in curricula and in service activities;

  • To induce adults as well as children to take action

  • To promote conservation and preservation

  • To promote action, conversation, and lobbying politicians, policy makers and for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Plastic Polluted Ocean
Mountians and Lake
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