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Our Goals

Our planet needs our help. You can play an important part in preserving our planet for future generations by taking action now. We want to make it easier to find ways you can act (can POP) and possibly inspire others to join you in POPping.


It is our goal to provide a platform:

  • To stimulate actions that benefit the health of our planet

  • To educate about environmental issues and technology that will help with those issues

  • To help individuals and groups to find projects to work on

  • To  help individuals or groups to announce projects for others to join

  • To provide an international community of people who want a healthy Earth for the generations who follow.











Tree Planting

We want YOU to POP:

  • by identifying a local, national or international environmental problem that resonates with you

  • by finding ways to work to solve that problem.

  • by joining the POP community to share and inspire, to be inspired.

Here’s where you start:

  • You’ll find inspiration in the “Why Act Now?” and “Our Favorite Projects” pages.

  • You’ll find possible projects to join in the “Our Favorite Projects” page and in our Facebook group.

  • Tell us about what you are planning to do so we can add it to the “What Action Will You Take?” page

  • Tell us about your successes so we can feature you on the “Our Favorite Projects” page.

  • Join our Facebook Group

Cleaning the Beach
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