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Calling on all Educators and Innovators

In September 2016, we created and launched Global Education Symposium (GES), setting out to create a new platform and venue for innovators and educators to come together and not only discuss education but finding ways of improving education worldwide. In 2018, we hold our second symposium at Teachers College, Columbia University and invite innovators and educators to once again come together.

During our first symposium we had sessions and discussions on many subjects that are incredibly important and have been the topic of discussions at a number of conferences including STEM, Girls Education, and innovative teaching practices. However, what we set out to do was to also include topics that have not been discussed at other education conferences. These included discussion of health education and early entrepreneurship education . For example, for the first time during any education related symposium (as far as we know), we discussed mental health and how to speak to young audience about happiness and emotional well-being.

We want to continue our work and what we set out to do and invite all those who like us care about education and believe that education is not only the greatest way of impacting the future but there is a way to improve it, to join us again.

So, please mark your calendar and join us in October 2018, in NYC at Teachers College.

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